PFAC Angling Development Scheme 2018 to 2019

Pembrokeshire Federation of Angling Coaches (PFAC) are a group of qualified angling coaches, who provide a non-profit making service, having established links with fishery venues, schools, scout groups and the local authority within Pembrokeshire. In 2017 PFAC celebrated its 10th anniversary.

Having successfully completed a three year coaching programme (2015 – 2017) in collaboration with Natural Resources Wales, NRW are supporting a further two-year angling development collaborative project with PFAC.

The 2018-2019 coaching schedule includes delivering: 40 separate angling training events; introducing a total of 200 individuals to angling; and a cohort of 50 juniors attending a structured angling programme comprising a series of five lessons.

PFAC has links with the Wales Women’s Fly Fishing team, organises fly tying classes, and runs events during both Pembrokeshire Fish Week and National Fish Month. PFAC coaches work with all age groups and abilities.

Young people are the future custodians of the water environment, engaging a new generation to take an active interest in fish ecology and wider biodiversity issues will help to ensure the water environment is carefully managed for future generations to appreciate and enjoy.

Anglers have a vested interest to ensure ecosystems are resilient and secured for the future. Anglers can act as partners, helping to protect the water environment by alerting us (NRW) to a range of issues including, illegal fishing, pollution incidents and habitat degradation.

By working collaboratively with PFAC and local communities in Pembrokeshire, the NRW has promoted recreation, education, and learning and skills, helping people live healthier and more fulfilled lives. This project was part funded by Welsh Government GIA (Sustainable Fisheries Programme).

David GriffithsPFAC Angling Development Scheme 2018 to 2019

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