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2011 – 2016

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Another very busy year, which is summarised below. We started the year off with:

  • St Florence Schools Club – completing their final fishing lessons, delayed from 2009 due to bad weather.
  • Pembroke Scout Group started their six lessons on Friday 7th May at West Orielton Fishery in partnership with Pembroke & District Angling Club to achieve there Anglers Activity Badges. All scouts passed.
  • Followed on Wednesday 12th May with Lamphey Scouts Group starting their six lessons to achieve their Angling Activity Badges again at West Orielton Fishery. All scouts passed.
  • Followed by Thursday afternoon group of schoolchildren from Step-A-Side School starting their six week fishing lessons on 13th May at Water Meadows Coarse Fishery.
  • Followed by a Tuesday 18”’ May with Kilgetty Scout group starting their six week Angling Activity Badges at Water Meadows. They all passed.

A number of events then followed during Pembrokeshire Fish Week and National Fish Month including:

  • Saturday 26th June at Water Meadows Coarse Fishery – Open day event. (New event)
  • Monday 28th June at Llyn Carfan Coarse Fishing championship over six heats.
  • Wednesday 30th June we were able to offer those with disabilities a chance to embrace an opportunity with PFAC coaches and Pembrokeshire Angling Association at their disabled platform on the Western Cleddau at Treffgarne.
  • Wednesday 30th June at Wolfsdale Pit coarse Fishery, Junior Competition. (New Event)
  • Friday 2nd July at Puddleduck Fishery, a Try Fly Fishing event.
  • Saturday 3rd July Wolfsdale Pit Coarse Fishery with Pembrokeshire Piscatorial Association open day.
  • Saturday 3rd July at Treffgarne with Pembrokeshire Angling Association open day.

National Fish Month:

  • Angling lessons at Wolfsdale Pit every Saturday for the month.

Additional Fishing Events:

  • Sea fishing events were also held, with PFAC hosting:
  • A Scouting group at Hakin Point, and

Schools Programme:

During November 2010, PFAC helped Pembroke and St. Teilo schools with their programme.



Further progress was made in 2009 with support from a number of local organisations and angling clubs. In addition to the Pembrokeshire Fish Week events and continuation of the Scouting programme, events were also held for the less able at Treffgarne, the Health Challenge Pembrokeshire group, after schools club at two primary schools in Pembrokeshire, and supporting colleagues with events outside Pembrokeshire.

In total, the number of events more than doubled from 2008, and involved 542 participants with media coverage via television, radio and press. during the year one of our members Nica Prichard, was awarded the MBE for her efforts with Casting for Recovery, a programme specifically aimed to help breast cancer sufferers.



During its first year a number of full and half day fishing events were held, including a programme for Scouts specifically designed to enable them to achieve their angling badge. Other events were held during Pembrokeshire Fish Week and National Fish weeks, catering for all ages and abilities with the result that, in total, 23 fishing events took place involving some 324 participants.

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